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Globalisation and internationalisation bring about technological and economic change. Consequently, new process-oriented professions are being developed in the fields of chemistry and biology. To acquire methodological and technical, as well as social and communicative competencies is therefore of vital importance. Job analyses of the laboratory professions of 'biology and chemistry assistants' show that, particularly in genetic engineering and molecular biology, new elements should be integrated into modern vocational training.

The pilot project "GENIAL" develops an innovative qualification module for genetic engineering in initial training. In view of the increasing importance of life sciences in

  industry and research, education and training in genetic engineering are essential in the future. The implementation of this module will be done according to quality standards and GMP and GLP rules. The module will consist of both theoretical and practical (laboratory) components. The aim is to enrich initial vocational training by an innovative content and by adding a pan-European dimension. GENIAL will initiate the development of a transnational network of partners promoting European mobility for trainees/students and trainers/teachers in order to gain new technical skills and key qualifications. The training module will also initiate a transverse discussion about the ethics, political and social implications of modern genetics.
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